Black Cultural Festival

Black Cultural Festival Testimonials

“Not only was the Black Cultural Festival a showcase of black excellence, but it was truly a community event. With such a strong start, I can only imagine how it will continue to grow and shine – and ultimately touch and unify more people. I am excited to attend again!”

~Angela Ruiz of WAX’D & Vendor

“The BCF was one of my favorite community events I’ve had the pleasure of participating in. As a vendor I felt supported and that it was easy and straightforward to understand what was happening and how and where I should set up and take down. As a spectator I enjoyed the music and entertainment and felt excited to be in intentionally created safe community. Being surrounded by Black people in Eugene was healing and fun! The vibes were on point. I look forward to BCF 2022.”

~Lela Ross of Lelasky & Vendor

“My name is Ratie D, and I had the opportunity to attend the Black Cultural Festival in Eugene, Oregon which was well attended by a diverse audience. It was also a safe family friendly event and I enjoyed seeing the drumming circle, local art displayed and artists of all kinds showcasing black excellence. Looking forward to the BCF 2022!”

~Ratie D, Local Musician, Wife & Mother

“Eugene’s 2021 Black Cultural Festival was definitely an event to remember. From the musicians and speakers to the family members of the first Black residents of Eugene, each presentation became more inspiring than the next. As a vendor, I had the opportunity to speak with dozens of people who expressed their excitement and motivation to maintain that same positive energy for their individual communities. Since I moved here in 2010, I have been privileged to witness the continued development of Eugene’s diversity through events like these.”

~Victor Keith of Artistic Ambush & Vendor