Black Cultural Festival

Black Cultural Festival Frequently Asked Questions

I am white, can I attend?
Our goal is that 90% of folks attending are Black; we believe that this cultivates the type of atmosphere that is so desperately needed for our local Black community. However, family and friends of all races are welcome to attend this public event. Allies can support in very needed and tangible ways by volunteering or by donating money, supplies or services. This event is strengthened by a broad base of support from our allies. Thank you!

What do I need to bring?
Alton Baker Park is a large open park, with shelters and picnic tables. Please bring a picnic blanket, chair, snacks and whatever makes you comfortable in a lively outdoor setting!

I would like to support this event. How can I donate?
We are strengthened by a broad base of community support in this work. You can donate money, supplies or services. You can also sign up to volunteer. Thank you!

I want to attend but cannot afford a ticket. Do you offer free or discounted tickets?
Yes! Kids under 18 and ages 70+ attend FREE! Also, each year contributions are made to cover the cost of additional tickets to make the event more accessible for all. Contact us to inquire about a ticket.

What does a ticket purchase include?
A ticket includes the cost of admission, a wristband, entertainment & activities.

What is your COVID policy?
We are carefully monitoring CDC COVID recommendations and will maintain our policies in line with them.

How do I remove my photo or image?
The Black Cultural Festival reserves the right to use any photograph or video taken at this event without the expressed written permission of those included within the photograph or video.